Discharged LGBTI Veterans' Association

A new support and advocacy association called the Discharged LGBTI Veterans' Association has been created for Australian Defence Force personnel, their family and their friends who were adversely impacted by Defence's historic anti-LGBTI policies.

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The ADF’s anti-LGBTI policies were repealed in 1992 for same sex attracted members and in 2010 for transgender members. However, those who were subject to those polices experienced significant trauma via the way the policies were applied – and they continue to suffer ongoing negative psycho social impacts.

In the application of Defence’s anti-LGBTI policies, same sex attracted and gender diverse sailors, soldiers and airmen experienced:

  • Trauma,
  • Harassment, humiliation and violation of privacy,
  • Ongoing and intrusive medical tests,
  • Loss of rights and natural justice,
  • Forced and/or dishonorable or medical discharge.

The above were not just experienced by Defence personnel – they also impacted their partners, friends and family members.

With a focus on advocacy and support, the Discharged LGBTI Veterans’ Association is dedicated to providing a voice and improving the quality of life for all people who were impacted by the ADF’s historic anti-LGBTI policies.

What are DLVA’s purposes?

The association’s purposes include:

  • At Parliament and DVA levels, advocate for the health and wellbeing of ex-ADF personnel discharged under Defence’s historic anti-LGBTI policies;
  • Research the ongoing physical and psycho social impacts on those who experienced forced discharge;
  • Provide health, welfare and well-being information and support to LGBTI veterans who experienced forced discharge.




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Become a


Membership of DLVA is open to anyone who shares the association’s purpose. 

DLVA is seeking to grow its membership bases. 

We value your membership; we encourage participation in the direction of the association and membership allows you to vote at the Annual General Meeting. 

Membership is free to join.    

To become a member of the association, please download the membership form, and email to dlvainfo2020@gmail.com

Members are required to support the purposes of the association.

All membership forms are processed monthly, so if you do not hear from us straight away, be assured we will be in touch as soon as it is processed. 


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